Three Chords and the Truth.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Date of Birth: 11/78

The State Board of Law Examiners congratulates you on passing the New York State bar examination held on July 26-27, 2005.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Just thought I'd pull a handful from the Pollack vaults to share with you some of my favorites (music and art). Maybe I'll do more.


sylvie and babs
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
Don't skip over this sleeper. Its not lounge, its british collage team Nurse with Wound. And this little EP is one of the best. Its cluttered with crazy concrete/pop snippets woven together at a frenzied pace with will make you smirk.


terry riley
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
The inside cover image from Terry Riley's Persian Surgery Dervishes on the French Shandar label. Fucking hard to find but well worth the effort.

Terry is grouped with Reich and Glass as a minimalist. If Glass is a popular pretty boy and Reich some kind of mathematician, Riley is your Bodhisattva. His pieces are warm and colorful. This one is entirely organ and delay and it is a stunner. Also recommended: Rainbow in Curved Air and In C (recently covered by Acid Mothers Temple).


henry cow
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
Those who don't know, this image should be scarred into your brian. The first Henry Cow album. One of the first proper RIO (rock in opposition) albums. Tiring of the krauts and the progressives? Go to the Cow. This is part of the sock trilogy, but this one is tops - "Nirvana for Mice" is a household classic.


alan silva boone
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
A classic ESP label record. This was one of the harder ones to find. First of all, I thought he was a bassist and secondly, why the Daniel Boone hat?


cecil taylor
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
My boy. I am not much of a completist but I am on my way with CT. First heard about him in a Ginsberg poem (Howl? "talking chord structures with cecil taylor...").

The honeycomb image is the perfect comment on the sound. CT builds and plays with chords. He is NOT, for the last fucking time, a drummer on the piano. Listen closely and you will be rewarded with the future language of sound that plays on color and memory. Great solo album (where to start) on the small TRIO label out of Japan.


mike westbrook
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
I love the album (music) so much and sought after this so long, that the cover art, while not spectacular (toy soldiers fighting in garbage), gets me every time. The image is scarred into my brain as one of the grails.

One of my weakspots is big ensemble 70's european improv ala Keith Tippet's ARK. This is better. A double. Keep your eyes peeled.


cage and tudor
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
Cage and Tudor did a series of these. If you are in the mood for heady shit without the drugs, go here. Two discs and a booklet of cage's nonsense. He was buddhist too, I think. What's up with them and rocks?


Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
This was a bargain. Ginsberg taught me a lot of things in college. Still my favorite poet. Amazing readings in Italy on one side and straight up Buddhist chants on the flip. Buy it on ebay.


kraftwerk's 3rd
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
Ironic or not? I say neither. German. Its also a great transition album from kraut to proto-electro.


kraftwerk's 3rd (back)
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
The new wave kids can't even come close to re-presenting this awesome image of Ralf und Florian in some warehouse loft in Berlin surrounded by the best in analog and illuminated by their names in neon. Doesn't get much better.


fahey - america (back)
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
The back of America. One day, someone on CNN will dub Fahey an artistic genius.


fahey - america
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
in the 70's Fahey put our some awesome cover art. This one, America, comes with a book about a Tortoise and Takoma Park, MD. My friend Greg lives in Takoma Park which (I had no idea) is virtually the epicenter of liberal activism for that shithole DC. Very cool town.


Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
If you don't know, get to know Francoise. Her voice is exactly what you'd expect from that face - warm and shimmery soft folk songs in the language of love. I read somewhere that she was a hit in FR and the US on the covers alone.


fahey - vol. 6 (back)
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
awesome frame.


fahey - vol.6
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
another master. He was definitely a Christain. But why are his albums so psych? People ought to own everything buy John Fahey (minus some 80's albums). I am glad he didn't die early and left us with plenty of albums to explore.


slapp happy
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
A critical album to own. Slapp Happy, the european pop/cabaret trio (usually) overlapping with RIO giants Henry Cow. The lyrics are witty and the music is a perfect accompaniment. One one album, the Krautrock masters FAUST are the backing band.

I love the cover - abstract, geometrical shapes all bound together by wire.


fred neil
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
I first heard about Fred Neil from reading about Tim Buckley. In this article, Tim mentioned two huge influences: early Van Morrison (esp. Astral Weeks) and Fred Neil. Fred was a Florida recluse who only made a handful of albums - all gorgeous examples of a throaty 1960's folk genius. Its more about music than politics (see Phil Ochs).

It looks like he's sailing somewhere off the keys drinking beer. Wide shades. Freckled. Great angle.


magma - attahk (back)
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
the back of Attahk featuring the ringleader/drummer Christian Vander who once apparently played with Coltrane (any info?). I like how the band member's shots are just ex-ray images of their skulls.


magma - attack
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
HR Geiger is the designer. I think he did a few other magma covers. Its a perfect mix of grossed out post-apocolyptic sci-fi and the slammin Zeuhl musik.


sylvie and babs (inside)
Originally uploaded by spicysashimi.
interior of NWW's sylvie and babs - nice dadaist collage.


I can't believe i missed this. Tell me more is coming.

Saturday, August 06, 2005
bar is over

in austin/houston, staying away from the sun. My car got burglarized - punks took a cheap-o radio, disappointed with iPod accessories and no iPod - suckers. Bought Battlefield 1942 ... a little disappointing. In Houston at dad's, gorged myself at Kubo's (special spider roll!) and watched OG Manchurian Candidate. Bought some new ODD kicks.

Missing political talk.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005
bring the pain

Applicants are not permitted to bring any items into the examination other than a clear plastic food storage type bag (maximum size one gallon) which may contain:

Admission Ticket, Pens, No. 2 Pencils, Erasers, Highlighters
Government Issued Photo ID, Beverage in plastic container or juice box
Wallet (20 oz. maximum size)
Medications Quiet Snack/Lunch
Tissues Hygiene Products

The following items are strictly prohibited, and will not be permitted in the room: Handbags, purses, backpacks, briefcases, tote bags, luggage, etc.

Notes, books, Bar Review or other study materials in any format or media, electronic devices, cell phones, calculators, pagers, programmable watches, clocks, cameras, radios, recording devices, hand-held computers, calculators, any type of personal digital assistant, wireless e-mail devices, etc.

Headphones or headsets
Weapons of any kind
Any other items not specifically allowed.